Most of the restaurants that we work with are using 3rd party apps like OpenTable for reservations. In Texas, it’s become almost a must.

(1) Tell your story

Use what you have. If your chef specializes in certain dishes or brings a new flair to a dish turn it into a story. Share that story and broadcast it. Never before has it been easier to spread news and information. As a restaurant now more than ever is it imperative to tell a story about the food your guests will be enjoying.

(2) Show the sizzle

Nothing creates demand like seeing an image pop with smoke and sizzle. Having great images helps spread the word and usually is shared with friends.

(3) Live stream your specials

Live stream straight from the kitchen to the table. Let your front house talk about the specials of the day and broadcast it to your Facebook and Instagram fans. Include a link to your OpenTable page underneath

Perhaps the bedrock of all modern endeavors starts and stops with the website. It acts as a browsing spot for guests, a media library for all creative and a testing spot for all marketing.

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