Open Table vs home delivery services  

Do you remember summer as child? It usually meant chasing fire flies and trying new restaurants with the family. It was a golden time. Many restaurants made us feel like the most important customer in the world. Some even knew my parents first names and the really good ones knew mine.

Today, we live in a world where most customers want instant gratification. Which means, never has there been a more challenging or more rewarding time to be in the business of food and drink.

So to the question at hand.

Open Table vs home delivery services

Point 1:

With home delivery services the ease of ordering from a wide selection of local favorites is simple and the customer doesn’t have to leave.

With Open Table the customer has made the predetermined decision to GET OUT and do something rather than trading bones with the family dog.

Point 2:

With home delivery services the customer can instruct the delivery to be dropped off just outside of the front door, resulting in literally no human interaction.

With Open Table it’s all about human interaction and getting to know the restaurant and events happening in the city.

Point 3:

With home delivery services the customer gets to drink their favorite bottle of wine at home, which they picked up at their local store earlier in the week.

With Open Table the restaurant has the opportunity to sell a bottle of wine to the customer and pair with an entree.

Final opinion, while home delivery services offers a wide variety and ease of use for the the customer Open Table successfully encourages customers to partake in a night out. Which means the restaurant sells more per customer.

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